How do you dress yourself as a robber at carnival?

How do you dress yourself as a robber at carnival?

Are you looking for a robber costume for a fancy dress party as a carnival? Or does your child want to dress up as a robber or robber at Halloween or Sint Maarten? Then you don’t have to go to the store, because you can simply make a robber suit with the stuff you already have at home!

By making a robber suit yourself, you not only save time and money, but you can also adjust the suit to any height and age you need! Check below if you have all the supplies at home and quickly make your own thief or robber costume!

Carnival robber costume

What do you need to make a robber suit?

  • Black (turtleneck) sweater
  • Black sneakers
  • Black beanie, balaclava or other hat that you can roll over your face
  • Scissors
  • White or beige cotton pillowcase
  • Green marker (suitable for clothing)
  • Paper and old newspapers
  • Rope

How do you make a robber suit?

1. Grab a black beanie or similar hat and make it a typical mask for robbers by cutting two holes in front of your eyes with scissors. Note: do not make the openings too neat! Precisely untidy cut eye holes will complete your suit soon. After cutting, put the cap on to see if the holes are exactly in the right place and if you can see through them without too much effort.

2. Did your robber’s mask succeed? Then it is now time for a money bag to store your loot! You can use the white or beige cotton pillow case for this. Cut the first ten centimeters of the pillowcase with your scissors (on the opening side), so that the pillowcase has a more square instead of a rectangular shape. Then draw a large dollar sign on the money bag with the green dust marker.

3. Ready? Then fill your pocket with the shreds of torn old newspapers. Is your improvised predatory bag almost full? Then close the end of the pillowcase with a piece of string. Then stick a few fake money notes on the outside of your money bag (for example from Monopoly or made from paper yourself). It looks like some money has flown out of your bag during your flight after the robbery.

4. Put on the black turtleneck and sneakers (and possibly black (jeans) pants) when you are ready to go to the party. Roll the cut up beanie over your face and carry the money bag with you throughout the entire party. Preferably do not show what is in it … Have fun!

Extra tips for a robber suit

  • Would you rather dress up as a more traditional robber? Take a black piece and fill it with two tear-shaped eye holes. Cut the marked holes out of the felt and glue two black ribbons at the ends of your felt piece. Then tie the felt mask around your head and tie the black ribbons on your back. Voilà, a traditional villain mask!
  • Have you not found a suitable beanie or have the openings for your eyes failed with scissors? Then use a “real” balaclava to complete your robber’s costume!
  • With the new Dutch legislation on the prohibition of non-functional face cover, it is no longer permitted to wear your balaclava or rolled-down beanie on the street. So don’t forget to put on your balaclava only once you are at the dress up party!
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