How do you keep your face warm on the engine?

How do you keep your face warm on the engine?

It might give a kick to make a pruning hard ride on your motorbike in the icy winter weather, but chances are that you’ll get off again with a red and chapped head. So don’t jump out of the blue on your motorbike, but get the necessary preparations on cold and unsavoury days. Your unhurting face will be very grateful to you after a long drive!

Balaclava on the engineWhat do you need?

How do you keep your face warm while driving?

  1. Lubricate sunscreen on oil base on your face (not too thick layer). The oil in the cream acts like a shield against the cold and at the same time forms a handy “binder” for the following heat layers.
  2. Put on a balaclava or bind a facemask to your face before you set up your helmet. The inside of the helmet usually already contains a large layer of lining that protects you from the cold, but especially in a harsh wind, a balaclava or facemask completely completes your equipment.
  3. Go for a motorcycle helmet that covers your entire face. In the cold, every bit of protection is taken away, so choose a helmet that also covers your chin, cheeks, nose and lips during harsh days.

Tips for extra heat on the engine

  • Try to find a balaclava or facemask that is thick enough to protect you from the icy winds, but thin enough to wear in a comfortable way under your helmet. The last thing you want is that you go a lot of sweating on your motorbike! Bivouac hats such as nylon, cotton or neoprene are quite thin and very suitable to hold your heat.
  • Depending on the nature of your motorcycle clothing, you are wise to find a balaclava that also keeps a large part of your neck warm and protects.
  • Also take a look at a snowmobile helmet to see if it can help you through the icy winter period. These helmets come with a heated visor, so ideal during cold winter storms!

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