How do you wear a balaclava?

How do you wear a balaclava?

BalaclavaBivakmutsen (of skimaskers) zijn warme wintermutsen met een lange geschiedenis. They were worn for the first time during the Crimean War, when British soldiers had to be protected against the extreme cold in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, balaclavas have evolved into masks to hide your identity. The image of the balaclava is particularly seriously affected because they were often used by resistance groups such as the IRA, Zapistas and Black Mask.

Nowadays they are often no longer made of wool, just like in the old days, but all kinds of materials are used for different purposes.

How do you put on a balaclava?

  1. Pull the balaclava over the top of your head with the opening (s) facing forward. Roll the balaclava carefully down until it covers the crown of your head.
  2. Now roll the rest of the balaclava, so that your neck and possibly a piece of your shoulders are covered (depending on the type of balaclava). If the balaclava is long enough, you can put the bottom in your T-shirt or collar. Pull the opening under the nose down to your mouth so that you can breathe well.
  3. Pull down the bottom of the mouth opening (if there is one) while straightening the opening at the eyes. Most balaclavas are very flexible in this area, so that the face openings always fit well with your mouth and eyes.
  4. If the face opening is large enough, you can pull the opening over the back of your head if desired, only to heat your neck with the balaclava.

Extra tips for skiers and snowboarders

  • Wear a pair of ski goggles above your ski mask or over your balaclava. This way you protect your eyes against the winter cold and you have a better view of the slopes.
  • Take off your balaclava when you enter a bank, government building, or other official agency.
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