Motorcyclists: bandanas, balaclavas and facemasks

Motorcyclists: bandanas, balaclavas and facemasks

Motorbikes are ideal means of transport if you want to go from A to B. A car gives you the same freedom as a bike, but millions of others who want to get from A to B think the same thing.

You see the result every day on Dutch roads: traffic jams. With a motorcycle you can whistling past traffic jams and therefore you are in the same place as a car.

However, unlike a car driver, a biker has much more to do with weather conditions. The ideal situation for a motorcycle is of course a nice sun in the sky and a light breeze that blows around your head.

The annoying thing in the Netherlands is that you leave in beautiful weather, but arrive in a thunderous rain shower. In addition, it may well be that the wind gets stronger along the way, so that you get bothered by blowing dust or drifting sand.

Then motorcycling suddenly becomes a lot less attractive. However, such problems can be solved if you use our collections of face-covering clothing for motorcyclists. You have a choice of bandanas (also known as engine neck), balaclavas, face shields or facemasks.


A bandana (or motorcycle mask, motorcycle jacket, faceshield) is the simplest means if you want to protect yourself against wind, blowing dust or fine sand. Why bite dust if that is not necessary? The cotton of a bandana covers your mouth and nose completely, so that dust bumping is out of the question while riding a motorcycle.

Moreover, a bandana also offers protection when the wind gets a little brighter. Many bandanas have a nose clip that helps prevent covering your motorcycle glasses or visor. Finally, you want to be able to see what is happening on the road for you!

The advantage of a bandana is that you can wear it under your motorcycle helmet without any problems. A less practical but very cool advantage is the print. Bandanas are nowadays available in a lot of cool prints, which will make you stand out on the road!

Quickly check our range of bandanas, such as the skull bandana with human lower jaw!


You can go one step further by purchasing a balaclava. Unlike a bandana, a balaclava protects your entire head, which is nice when it gets colder and you only wear a motorcycle helmet.

In addition, a cotton balaclava also protects against dust and sand. Because a balaclava fits so beautifully, a combination with a motorcycle helmet is no problem. Because of this combination you are fully prepared if you suddenly are attacked by a change in the weather.

Moreover, a lightweight balaclava takes up so little space that you can easily lose it when the sun breaks through again. Because the balaclava is usually covered under the helmet, you can choose to take a black balaclava. But there are also a lot of cool prints available, ranging from a cool skull print (Balaclava Skull), a full-color design of the monster from Predator (Balaclava Predator) or a balaclava in the style of Call of Duty Ghosts.


The cream of the crop is of course a facemask. The neoprene of a facemask has a number of properties that ensure that unpleasant weather conditions have less influence. In the Netherlands we often have to deal with rain, whether it is a soft spring booty or a thunderstorm.

A facemask is a handy remedy for rain, because neoprene repels water. In addition, neoprene has insulating qualities, so that cold, wind, snow, dust or sand are no problem if you wear a facemask. You also don’t have to be afraid of extra perspiration, because a facemask is breathable.

Whether you wear a half or a full face mask, the fit and the smart design mean that you can always wear a jet helmet above it and possibly a pair of motorcycle glasses.

Facemasks are available in various designs and prints. Some facemasks are equipped with a nose clip, so that your visor or motorcycle goggles barely covers. Other facemasks have an integrated filter or extra ventilation openings for free breathing.

In addition, facemasks are available in literally dozens of designs, making them ideal for distinguishing yourself on the road!

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