On the slopes: facemasks and balaclavas

On the slopes: facemasks and balaclavas

Snowboarding and skiing are great hobbies that you can practice alone or together with a couple of good friends. Winter sports are fun, you’re busy and it’s a wonderful relaxation.

After a week or a long weekend on your snowboard or skis, you can take on the whole world. Moreover, these sports also help to maintain your physical condition.

All reasons to spend at least once a year on the slopes. The choice is yours whether you go for freeride or freestyle snowboarding or you prefer to engage in alpine or freestyle skiing. Separate equipment or clothing is available for each branch of winter sports.

The only thing you cannot control is the weather. Winter sports are great fun when the sun is shining brightly in the sky. You also add a nice tan to it. But what if that sun disappears behind the clouds and a bleak wind comes up?

What if a snow shower arrives? That can suddenly make the fun a lot less and maybe even spoil it. In those cases, a balaclava or facemask is a true outcome.


Your first defense against deteriorating weather conditions is a balaclava. Normally, most of your body is packed well when you are on the slopes. However, your face and head are often the parts of the body that are most affected by cold and sharp winds. With a balaclava you solve that problem quickly.

The cotton of a balaclava ensures that your entire face and head are effectively protected against rising cold and wind. That is ideal if you do not feel like leaving the piste because you just wanted to make that cool slalom or want to take a piece of off-piste.

A balaclava weighs almost nothing and hardly takes up space. It takes no effort at all to include a ski mask in one of the pockets of your ski or snowboard clothing.

You can also wear ski goggles over it without any problems. In addition, there are nowadays balaclava hats with very cool prints on the market that give you a unique look when standing on the long slats or on a snowboard.


A second line of defense against bad weather is formed by facemasks. If the weather gets worse, a facemask ensures that your face is optimally protected even under those circumstances. A facemask is made of neoprene and that is a material with a number of special properties.

The most important advantage for a snowboarder and skier is of course the insulating quality of a facemask. This feature of facemasks protects your face from the cold and wind and that is ideal if you are just busy and the weather is moving.

The material of a facemask is also water-repellent, so that snow does not get a hold on your face. Another practical feature of a facemask is air permeability.

Snowboarding and skiing are strenuous activities and it is nice when sweating is kept to a minimum. The breathable neoprene of a facemask ensures that that problem is also covered.

Last but not least: neoprene is extremely stretchable, so that a facemask always fits tightly to your head. This makes it possible to wear both a beanie and ski goggles in combination with a facemask.

Both balaclavas and facemasks are therefore good options if you do not want to disrupt your hobbies due to weather conditions that you simply cannot control. View our extensive selection below with dozens of different cool prints:

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