Protect yourself from smog, wind and sand with a facemask

Protect yourself from smog, wind and sand with a facemask

Facemask with air filterDo you ever take a ride through the city on your motorbike, bike or scooter? Depending on the size of the city and the amount of exhaust gases, this can sometimes literally be dirty against falling!

Especially large cities abroad often suffer from air pollution in the form of smog, smoke and dirty exhaust gases. If you want to walk through, ride, cycle or drive, you will do well to protect your airways with a facemask.

Smog, smoke and exhaust gases

A well-known irritation of Dutch tourists in large, foreign cities is often the nuisance of smog. This is the heavy, chemical air that hangs in cities like Beijing, Bangkok, Mumbai and other major world cities.

It is a combination of exhaust gases, emissions of factory chimneys and all kinds of dirt that is thrown on the street. If you are a tourist on the street, on the motorbike or scooter or want to take a pleasant bike ride through the city, you will come into contact with this. Staying in this air for too long is not only very dirty, but it is even damaging to your lungs and airways!

If you have plans to linger in a smog city for a long time and spend a lot of time on the street or on the road, you will be doing well to protect your face. This can be with all kinds of facemasks, but the Facemask Exclusive is best suited for this. This type of face mask has a built-in air filter. This way you can breathe quietly without getting your direct smog in. Ideal for travelling, on the road or in big cities! Please note that our air filters are for recreational use, they are not professional air filters with HEPA filter.

Sand, wind and flies on the road

Facemask with nose clipIn addition to smog and odour nuisance, you can also have serious problems with sand, wind and flies on the motorbike, bike or moped. Especially in dry areas – even in the Netherlands if it hasn’t been raining for a while – you can get to deal with the uplifting sand that strikes your face.

These sandy gusts blow your mouth, nose and eyes, unless you protect yourself well from these dry winds. If you wear a pothelm with motorcycle goggles, a facemask is a perfect complement to cover the rest of your face.

The material of a facemask is not only water-repellent (useful during a rain-busting), but also breathable. That means you’re not going to sweat with a facemask on it, so you can wear it in the summer too.

Another advantage of the facemask is that you don’t get dirty flies in your mouth anymore. In fact, the facemask stops everything – from flies and sand to snow, rain and wind – but ensures a good, clean air supply.

Cleaning a facemask air filter

Camouflage face maskIf you are going to be touring for a long time – for example, a few months on the motor through China – you are wise to replace the air filter of your face mask occasionally. Fortunately, this is only the two hundred wearing hours.

The facemask exclusive is the only type of facemask with built-in air filter and therefore ideal for conditions where smog and air pollution play a major role.

How do you replace the built-in air filter?

This handy face mask contains two plastic caps that can be printed separately from each other on the front and inside. This way the built-in air filter comes loose and you can place a clean filter.

Click the plastic caps back on their spot and voilà, you can retour two hundred hours again! Will you soon be touring, walking or cycling through an area with a lot of smog, smoke, sand or air pollution? Click here to go to our range of helmets with air filters ! Please note that our air filters are for recreational use, they are not professional air filters with HEPA filter.

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