Survival and camouflage: facemasks and ninja masks

Survival and camouflage: facemasks and ninja masks

However, the basis is living and surviving in nature without unnecessarily harming nature.

In addition, but that is actually unrelated to survival, many people turn it into a hobby to observe and photograph birds or other animals, without disturbing them. That is all nice and nice, but it requires some camouflage to remain as invisible as possible.


Perhaps it is a bit exaggerated to drag full camouflage clothing through the forest or a sand excavation to observe animals. However, your face is always a body part that stands out. If you want to keep the chance of discovery as low as possible, you could therefore opt for a full frontal facemask.

For that purpose we have facemasks with, for example, a desert print that is suitable for sandy terrain. You don’t have to worry about sweating, because these facemasks are made of neoprene, an air-permeable material.

In addition, neoprene is also an insulating and water-repellent material, so that these facemasks are very useful in nature. Although it is of course not made for this, a facemask protects your face against receding branches. That is a nice idea if you go through a natural forest.

Ninja masks

Camouflage is definitely needed if you want to observe nocturnal birds or nocturnal animals. Your face can be clearly distinguished by moonlight, so a form of camouflage is needed to get very close.

Although a ninja mask has not been developed for the observation of nocturnal animals, it is an excellent way to hide your face at night to prevent discovery. Our completely black balaclava Black Ninja and our ninja mask Lethal Ninja are excellent as a means of observation.

The balaclava is made of flexible cotton, which makes it a very comfortable wear when you observe. The material of the ninja mask is insulating neoprene, so you won’t get cold in your face when you go out at night.

Moreover, this luxurious balaclava is water-repellent and breathable and that is nice if you have to wait until the nocturnal animal you want to observe shows itself.

In short, even for observing and tracing animals during a survival or observation trip, facemasks, balaclavas and ninja masks provide effective camouflage!

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