Which type of snowboard mask suits you?

Which type of snowboard mask suits you?

Facemask SkullYou can find snowboard masks in various designs on the market.

Some snowboarders and skiers pay particular attention to the functional properties of the equipment with which they go up the mountain. Still others are mainly focused on the individual appearance of the masks they wear.

For practical reasons, the first type of user makes sure that the snowboard mask covers not only the mouth, but also the nose and even the forehead.

The fashion-conscious type prefers a style that best matches its personal taste. Both angles are, however, easy to combine.


The face cover that guarantees the best ventilation and can be used most flexibly is the bandana or face shield. Depending on the version, a bandana is pre-tied, tied or closed with, for example, Velcro.

A bandana provides good ventilation around the neck and ears and can be used in two ways: you can only wear it over your mouth, but also over your mouth and nose together.

These types of snowboard masks are very easy to tie up on the way if it suddenly gets a lot colder or if you have fallen and your face has fallen into a huge pile of snow. They are a bit thinner and therefore less warm than facemasks or balaclavas.


A balaclava partly serves as a face covering and partly as a hoodie, so that your mouth, ears and head are protected from the cold. Special types of balaclavas also protect your nose.

BalaclavaBalaclavas made of fleece, cotton or microfibers have been keeping soldiers around the world warm for decades.

Fortunately for the fashion-conscious snowboarders among us you can find balaclavas in a wide range of colors, styles and motifs. You are not dependent on the boring olive green of soldiers!


In addition, there are special face masks for snowboarders and skiers on the market that completely or partially cover your face and are closed from behind with Velcro for example.

These masks are made of air-permeable material and are often provided with extra ventilation openings at the mouth and nose. These ventilation holes prevent condensation from forming inside the mask.

These types of facemasks are usually made of neoprene and offer protection against all kinds of weather conditions. The material is water-repellent and also wam and insulating. Here too a lot of designs with different prints are available.

Design & design of snowboard masks

Although many manufacturers of specialized masks for snowboarders use black as the basic color, there are enough facemask suppliers who want to appeal to a more fashion-conscious audience.

For example, some humorous facemasks have beautiful colors or skeleton prints. However, you also have face masks with vents that make your face look like that of a skull or clown. The less striking variants have color combinations or motifs that add extra flair to your total ski outfit.

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